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The Best Wedding Movies

June is traditionally the month of weddings. And even if you don't have a wedding invite waiting at home in your mailbox, we thought it only fitting to offer our take on the best wedding movies. These are ranked in no particular order and clearly personal preference. But hopefully you agree that these are worth throwing some rice for and call for a box of tissues - and of course, we'd love to know your faves. Four Weddings and a Funeral Hugh Grant when he was still adorable. Andie MacDowell, ditto. One of the funniest opening scenes ever. And one of the saddest funerals ever. This film is what weddings shouldn't be and what love should.

Love Actually Hugh Grant again (he did corner the market there for a while). And the biggest cast ever. And while not only about a wedding, it is about love and loss. Funny, heartbreaking and relevant. Be prepared to laugh and cry, just like a real wedding.

The Princess Bride One of my favorite movies of all time and certainly immensely quotable. "As you wish." "Have fun storming the castle." "Inconceivable!" This movie stands the test of time and is the perfect mix of smart, funny and romantic. And the wedding is actually the least important component of the film. #Irony

The Wedding Singer Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are both engaged, but to the wrong people, until they discover each other. Plus the Grannie rapping to "Rapper's Delight" is worth watching the price of admission.

My Best Friend's Wedding A romantic comedy starring America's sweetheart, Julia Roberts; what's not to love? Roberts is secretly in love with her best friend and he's getting married, so she tries to break up the wedding. It's fun, without being too cheesy, and it will definitely make you smile.

Wedding Crashers Another romantic comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Vaughn and Wilson spend their weekends crashing wedding receptions. You won't fail to crack up during this one. But it surprisingly has heart as they learn their antics aren't without consequences.

Father of the Bride (1950 & 1991 versions) Both the original and the remake provide a heart-warming and humorous narrative of the wedding planning process through the eyes of a father. With Spencer Tracy (in the 1950 version) and Steve Martin (in the 1991 version) the as the principal, the combo both show the endearing daftness and loving side of a father of the bride at the marriage milestone. Get ready to laugh, shed a tear and then laugh again...

Bridesmaids Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph, stellar alums of the Saturday Night Live cast and hilarious comedians in their own rite, pair-up for a side-splitting comedy about a bride-to-be, her maid-of-honor and all her bridesmaids. The antics that ensue as these women get to know each other, enjoy the bachelorette party and prepare for the big has to be seen to be believed. WARNING: No popcorn along with this one for fear you might choke laughing so hard.

The Hangover The original movie that led to the massively successful (though many might argue diminishingly humorous) "The Hangover" franchise, is a sensory experience. How many wrong turns can a bachelor party take? Um, a lot and after this movie it'll have you believing there's really no limit to the insanity and misfortune that a bachelor party can be dealt. With Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms (made famous from his role on "The Office"), this movie has big names, some bigger laughs and a few even bigger winces in store. Intrigued? Have at it!

Meet the Parents He's been a crazed taxi driver, the infamous Vito Corleone, and "Raging Bull's" Jake LaMotta. Robert DeNiro is widely acclaimed as one of the pre-eminent actors of his time and, while his body of work certainly supports this, "Meet the Parents" is a departure from those headlining and historic roles. Here, DeNiro torments his daughter's suitor, Ben Stiller, the only way a fictitious former CIA-agent could: In a calculated and excruciating manner. The slapstick humor of the variety that Stiller often gives rise to is met with a stoicism and straightman-like role by DeNiro. It's a wickedly entertaining combination reminiscent of DeNiro's film, "Anaylze This," a year earlier. Watch it if you haven't. You'll enjoy it. If you it again. Well worth it!

What are some of your favorite wedding movies?

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