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Summer Movies Preview: Indies, Bro Films, YA and More...

Previously I wrote about the big budgets and blockbusters I am looking forward to seeing this summer. Now I've got some of the smaller films I can't wait to see.


You'll find no CGI here. I'll usually catch a few Independent films or romantic movies on the big screen during the summer, thank you $7 Tuesdays. Usually it's whatever Woody Allen movie is playing or one with a favorite actor or actress.

Blended - Opens May 23rd This brings together Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler - in their third movie together! Looking back at their other two, The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates, I have to admit I'm a fan. This might also be a sign of how old I'm getting because in this one, they are single parents with kids! They go out on a blind date in the beginning, decide to never see each other again, only to end up on the same safari vacation. It was filmed in South Africa so the location will be fun to see. I'm sure there will be a few funny animal-related hijinks!

Magic in the Moonlight - Opens July 25th Or as I like to call it, this summer's Woody Allen movie. It stars Emma Stone and Colin Firth. Woody Allen always seems to get the actress who is hot in the moment. I guess they want to work with him. We should expect good performances and a few chuckles. It's set on the French Riveria during the 1920s, so a nice little escape if that's what you're looking for and it'll be cheaper than a flight to Europe!


A few more

Obvious Child - Opens June 6th Boyhood - Opens July 11th Wish I Was Here - Opens July 18th A Most Wanted Man - Opens July 25th What If - Opens August 1st


Bro Flicks

AKA movies my husband will try to drag me to. Also see Superheroes, Big budgets and Blockbusters. There are a lot of these types of movies coming out this summer. Here are a few that I wouldn't mind being dragged to.

Neighbors - Opens May 9th Seth Rogen and Zac Efron play frat-style pranks on each other. My guess is they become friends by the end. If you're into jokes centered on a certain male anatomy this one's for you. Rose Byrne plays Seth's wife. And she's one of my girl crushes. I would see this just for her. Is that creepy?

22 Jump Street - Opens June 13th The first one, 21 Jump Street, was awesome. Channing Tatum is in it you guys! But it was really funny. Along with Jonah Hill, they make a pretty good team. And this time they're off to college. I read online that they aren't sure they can do another movie because where would they go? Grad school? I'm sure if this one is a hit at the box office, they'll think of something.

Get On Up - Opens August 1st This is a James Brown biopic. Many actors and crew from The Help worked on this one too, so should be up to par and worth the price of admission.

The Expendables 3 - Opens August 15th Please make this stop. A 3rd of these movies? I guess guys really miss the mega-star, ripped action heroes from the 90s. Newest addition to the ensemble is Nicolas Cage. I'm not surprised at all. But if you like violence and things blowing up, this one's for you.


A few more that will interest the guys in your life

A Million Ways to Die In the West - Opens May 30th Edge of Tomorrow - Opens June 6th Let's Be Cops - Opens August 8th Lucy - Opens August 8th Sin City: A Dame to Kill For - Opens August 22nd


YA is huge right now!

I like to open myself up to a lot of different genres. Young Adult books have become pretty huge and thus they've made a lot of movies off of them. I'm not opposed to going to these even though I'm not the target group. If I'm entertained, I'm happy!

The Fault in Our Stars - Opens June 6th This has gotten a lot of hype. Which I hope equates to it being good. It was based on a book by John Green of the same name. But it's one of those movies that I want to read the book before seeing the movie, even though I know the book will be better than the movie. This is one I have to be in the mood for as well since it touches upon some deep topics. Two teenagers (Shailene Woodley - she's so hot right now - and Ansel Elgort) meet at a cancer support group. We're talking about a cute couple and a sad ending, or at least I expect there to be a lot of crying. If you've read it I'm sure this is one you'll have on your list, just don't forget those tissues.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 - Opens June 13th Adventure lives on for Toothless and Hiccup, who in this sequel to the successful DreamWorks animation movie from summer 2010 must fight to keep the peace they fought for between man and dragons. I'm hoping this will be well done since they've been working on it for 5 years - story development! I'd say it's worth checking out, with or without the kiddies.

The Giver - Opens August 15th This was also based on a book, one that I had to read in the seventh grade. I have heard they've changed a lot of things from the book so it could be interesting if you can't remember what the story was about (me) or never read the book. A newbie, Brenton Thwaites, plays Jonas, the new Giver who must inherit the truth about the world so that others can go on living in a perfect one without the bad parts. See pain, war, and suffering. Taylor Swift, Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep also star in it.


Other teen/kid movies to check out

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return - Opens May 23rd Planes: Fire & Rescue - Opens July 18th If I Stay - Opens August 22nd

What films are you excited to see this summer? Did I miss any?

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