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Rolling out the red's awards show time!

So Sunday night is the Academy Awards. If you're a movie lover and awards show lover like myself, you need to prepare yourself for an almost 4 hour ordeal (at minimum). From the hours of red carpet build up to the show itself, you could easily plop down in front of the tube at 3 or 4 EST and not move again till midnight. However, in the age of the DVR and limited attention spans, who has time for that? So we've compiled some tips on watching, can't miss moments and things we're looking forward to seeing on OscarR night. The mani-cam: The red carpet is more than just dresses and tuxedos these days: the hype has been extended to celebs' fingers! Enter: the mani-cam. E!'s red carpet show features a miniature red carpet and camera for stars to show off their fancy fingernails and rings. Check out the best of the mani-cam from the 2013 OscarsR and be sure to take a peek at this year's manicures on Sunday!

Countless red carpet faux pas: I long for the days of Joan Rivers and her constant foot-in-mouth insertions, calling stars the wrong names or asking after their significant others who were no longer current significant others. But since Joan is gone, we'll have to hope for another slip up and you can bet there will be something. Ryan Seacrest is too polished, but since every network and their brother does a red carpet show, someone will commit a gaffe. And we'll be there to YouTube it all day long.

If you can't wait for Sunday to see some great red carpet dresses, take the Guess the dress quiz and test your memory of dresses past.

The opening monologue: I love Ellen and and I'm so looking forward to having her back at the helm after the disaster of Seth MacFarlane. Not only is she funny but she can sing and dance so there's potential for humor and entertainment from just the first few minutes.

Wide open race: This year there are so many good movies and performances that most categories are pretty wide open. And the results of the previous awards shows prove this with accolades split all over the place. With the exception of Cate Blanchett who should be a shoo-in for Blue Jasmine, most of the top categories could go to anyone. So if you know little about movies, this is a good year to try your hand at your office OscarR pool. I'm betting on Either American Hustle or 12 Years a Slave for Best Picture. For Best Actor, likely it's Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave) but Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club) could eek this out. And for Best Director, I'm thinking Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity) but Scorsese (The Wolf of Wall Street) has also won and is a favorite, so again, this category is wide open.

Finally, we - of course - can't leave you without a few OscarR party planning ideas. So, be sure to check out those tips and share your winning picks for Sunday or how you plan to celebrate OscarR Sunday with us right here on the blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Photo courtesy of: Alan Light

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