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Our favorite TV shows are back!

Even though February means we're officially mourning the loss of football, it also means our favorite TV shows are back on the air! And with temps this cold, what more could you want than to curl up indoors, on the couch watching TV? So Danielle and Liz offer their list of the shows we can't wait to hit the airwaves... Danielle:

Friday, Feb. 14: House of Cards (available to stream on Netflix) - I just started watching season 1 and I'm already hooked. So my goal now is to catch up on this delicious political thriller before the new season is released. I recommend you consider the same!

Monday, Feb. 24: The Voice (8:00pm EST on NBC) - I have been a fan since the beginning and this show just gets better as the judges' friendships have blossomed. Shakira and Usher are back to replace Cee-Lo and Christina, and that just means a bit more flavor and less fanning (it can't be that hot Christina). And while the winners of this show never seem to really become mainstream, the process itself is the reward.

Wednesday, February 26: Survivor (8:00pm EST on CBS) - Mock if you will, but I've never missed an episode of this show that birthed the reality genre and still manages to deliver on the premise of real people, real personalities, scheming and adversity. Yes, there's creative editing, but the twists and turns every season keep me and millions of others coming back to this show. This season is Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawn, which means there's sure to be some interesting challenges and game play.

Thursday, March 6: Suits (9:00pm EST on USA) - Another favorite. And not just another show about lawyers. The writing in this show is sharp, the acting fierce and the sex appeal...well, you'll have to see for yourself.

Sunday, April 13: Mad Men (10:00pm EST on AMC) - April might seem far away but as we all know, it'll be here before you know it. And with it, the final season of one of the best series on TV. There's still time to binge the first six seasons about life in advertising in the 1960s. You won't be sorry.


Monday, February 24: Late Night with Seth Meyers (12:35am EST on NBC) - Ok, so I very rarely get to watch late night shows and when I do it's on DVR, but this is a much anticipated transition of Seth from SNL to his own show, with Jimmy Fallon taking over for Jay Leno, and it promises to be an exciting ride with fellow SNL alum Amy Poehler as his first guest.

Wednesday, February 26: Mixology (9:30pm EST on ABC) - This new comedy should be a hit with Blake Lee from Parks and Recreation playing Tom, who's thrown back into the dating pool by his friends after he's dumped by his fiancee. I'm excited to check this one out, especially since it's directed by the same guy who worked on Seinfeld and Entourage, Larry Charles.

Tuesday, April 1: The Mindy Project (9:30pm EST on FOX) - Mindy came back for three episodes in January, and now is on another hiatus until April when there will be eight new episodes to enjoy. While some of the episodes can be hit or miss, Mindy's wit and dry sense of humor can be very entertaining, and it seems we'll finally find out soon if her and Danny Castellano will get together!

Orange is the New Black (available to stream on Netflix) - This will also be premiering in Spring, although the date is unknown. Everyone in our office fell in love with this show last year and we can't wait to see what kind of drama will follow our favorite imprisoned ladies.

I love the excitement of award shows (and red carpets!), so I'm also looking forward to the Academy Awards (March 2, 8:30pm EST on ABC), the Academy of Country Music Awards (April 6, 8pm EST on CBS) and the MTV Movie Awards (April 13, 9pm EST on MTV).

What spring premieres are you looking forward to?


Photo courtesy of omnia_mutantur

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