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Fumbled emotions: Another football season passes us by

What a game! Heck, for that matter, what a season! Whether your team came back from the brink of injuries to tear through the post-season or whether your home team maybe had a "rebuilding" year, chances are that this football season added some memorable moments to your fall and winter seasons. Well, we certainly hope it was memorable...because here's the unfortunate but pretty obvious realization: you're in for a long pigskin drought. You won't see another game-time snap for another seven months. Once again, that was S-E-V-E-N, as in more than half a year. Ok, breathe...breeeeathe. If that thought leaves you feeling like you just got sacked by Ndamukong Suh, you're not alone. I, too, am suffering through the mourning period after another football season.

So, I've compiled a few tips for re-orienting your outlook in a post NCAA & NFL football world...well, at least for another seven months.

Tip #1: DVR or ESPN Classic time Ok, while this is a bit extreme, maybe what you need in order to get over the trauma is simply 'one last game.' If you DVR'd a playoff game or perhaps the Super Bowl (and weren't averse to the outcome), queue that up and watch a few minutes. Didn't remember to record it? Not to worry. With ESPN Classic or NFL network (depending on your cable provider and household package), there are plenty of football moments still to be had.

Tip #2: Call an audible You may have seen those Verizon #FOMOF (Fear-of-Missing-Out-On-Football) ads throughout the football season and thought they were anything from a perfect representation of your worst fear to a terrible ad campaign. However, little can be debated about how in your #FOMOF time of need a fellow fan can help to quell your fears. The same is true outside of the football season. There's strength, as well as, solace in numbers. Give 'em a ring and commiserate or simply catch up!

Tip #3: Hut, hut, hike! Only, with this "hike," I literally mean lace-up your boots, grab a map and a water bottle (and with these Polar Vortices a heavy jacket as well) and head out to reconnect with the natural world around you. There's so much to connect with beyond simply your television, Roku or NFL mobile app. It's good to regain a bit of perspective about the world around you and recalibrate. Perhaps you should even consider an extended hike paired with a cabin trip like the one we recently wrote about.

Tip #4: Omaha, Omaha! Ok, you needn't drive to Omaha (unless you live in Nebraska and the prospect of that is actually feasible!), but pick a destination for a trip with family or friends. Choose a weekend and explore some place that you've been meaning to go. Make a list of the sights and sounds that you associate with your first trip to that place and go DO IT. You'll soon forget that typically on a Sunday at 12:00pm you'd be finishing the pregame show, watching the early game and counting down the hours until the Pacific Coast game!

If you really could care less about it all, well, you have my respect. I am truly envious of your balanced lifestyle right about now, because (for as much as I hate to admit it) the gridiron action has seeped its way into the fabric of what makes fall weekends an exciting respite from the work week. That said, for those of us who have a bit of trouble transitioning back, there's hope and more to life. After all, taking some time away from football only makes it that much sweeter to watch once those seven months have passed!

How are you planning to cope with the loss of football?

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