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Winter Accessories: Look hot, even when you're cold

Accessories are powerful, can complete your whole look, and if done right, look fabulous. During the winter season, they hold a different level of importance because they can make you feel hot mentally AND physically. When it's freezing out, you need to dress right. So here are a few of my favorite winter things:

  • Scarves: There's nothing more cozy than a thick infinity cable knit scarf - I feel a little warmer just imagining it. A scarf that never ends? What's better than that. I think of love when I think of this:


  • Head ware: turban headbands, beanies, ear muffs, and trappers are all super stylish and keep your ears warm.

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  • Gloves: You can't get cold with leather gloves. Tech-savvy gloves are pretty neat too, the fingertips are tech-sensitive so you can text and tweet without taking them off.
  • Leg warmers: Pull them up so they're just above your boot, but below your knee. It'll give your outfit an extra touch and keep you extra warm.


  • Nail polish: Dark colors are the way to go. My favorites are navy and deep red. Check out Essie's winter colors, I'm a big fan of the color "mind your mittens."
  • Statement pieces: A necklace, for example, should entirely draw attention just to simply itself. It's not necessary to overdo it with crazy earrings or a complicated pattern, which is the beauty of it: simplicity. Another instance of statement pieces is when a vibrant silver piece can completely transform an outfit like an all black dress - it's simple, without being boring.
  • Faux fur: Vests, especially. They're great to spice up your outfit in the winter and you can throw them over almost anything: a button down shirt, a long sleeve shirt, even a jacket.


Caution: with all accessories it's important not to go overboard. As Coco Chanel said, "before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." As long as you don't overdo it, accessories are great. After all, it's the little things in life that count.

What are some of your favorite winter accessories?

Image courtesy of Jackie Montarbo

About the author: Shana is a friend of House Party. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and concerts. Her party tip: Dessert, specifically chocolate.

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