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Summer TV Preview

I know. You're in mourning. Most of your regular TV shows are on hiatus until the fall and you're wondering what to fill your time with. Well, I've got summer TV preview of which returning shows I'm excited to watch when the temperature outside starts to climb. There are also plenty of new shows ready to vie for your ratings dollars but none of them appeal to me. Looks like it will be a summer of movies for me! That said, I can assure you that these returning shows won't disappoint... "Arrested Development" - May 26

I realize we're into June, but this cult comedy is back on Netflix and available for streaming anytime and all at once. They created 15 new episodes that you can watch anytime and in any order. I was a huge fan of this underrated show and can't wait to see what the Bluth's are up to. It's a snarky, subtle comedy that pays dividends to fans with Easter eggs and other inside jokes. And you can watch previous seasons on Netflix if you've never seen it.

"America's Got Talent" - June 4

I could take or leave this show, but it is perfect for the summer. You don't need to watch every week, or even an entire episode. It's entertaining and it's got Howard. 'Nuff said.

"Burn Notice" - June 6

I've been watching this USA hit since day 1 and while it's had its moments, I'm hoping this season is the last. I love the show but feel like it's run its course. How many more times can Michael be on the run, keep things from the CIA and FBI, and maintain his friendships and his sanity?

"Suits" - July 16

One of my favorite shows and I missed the entire first season. But it's just addicting television. This USA show offers courtroom drama, sex, office backstabbing and simply great writing. What I like is that even though they're lawyers, it's less about the courtroom and more about the players. If you haven't tuned in yet, I highly recommend you start.

"Breaking Bad" - August 11

Another show on its last season. This AMC drama has been keeping viewers' mouths agape since we first met science-teacher-turned-drug-lord, Walter White. And I am certain this season will be no exception. It's only a handful of episodes (8 - waaahhhh!) but if previous seasons are any judge, it's sure to be a doozy.

What summer shows are you most looking forward to?

Image courtesy of Guiviro.

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