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Award Season: Time to roll out the red carpet

Kicking off with the Golden Globes a couple of weeks ago, we're now in the throes of Award Season in Hollywood. Of course this all culminates in the mac-daddy of award shows, The Oscars, but there's certainly plenty to watch before the end of February. Here's just a few upcoming shows and what I think you can expect to see: The Grammy's - Feb 10th 8/7C on CBS

More a music concert than an award show anymore, the Grammy's are known for outrageous pairings and about 25 performances over three hours. They're also known for even more outrageous acceptance speeches (Hello Kanye!) and outfits (just about everyone). Anticipated performances this year include the Black Keys, Taylor Swift, Fun., Mumford & Sons, Rihanna and more. My tip? DVR the show and start watching about an hour in. This way you can whiz by the commercials and it truly will feel like you're experiencing a concert. For added fun, make a game out of how many times people thank G-d. I guarantee it's at least 10.

Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) - February 27th on TNT/TBS

The only show that's truly all about the performances, the SAG awards pay tribute to the best acting in film and television from the past year. It's also a way for actors to honor their fellow actors. This show is usually a pretty good indicator of who might win the best acting Oscar prizes so if you've got an office pool, you should check it out.

The Academy Awards - February 24th at 7 EST on ABC

The longest and most prestigious of all movie award shows, the Oscars offer the best of the best according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. I like to predict just how far over its allotted timeslot the show will run (averaging 30-45 minutes) and how tired I'll be the next day. Again, unless you're following the show on Facebook and Twitter, I suggest setting the DVR and starting it late so you can zoom through not only the commericals, but also the boring acceptance speeches and even more boring categories (best sound editing anyone?). The 7pm tune-in is for the red carpet special, so feel free to skip that if you don't care who wore what. Although this portion now offers plenty of awkward moments when interviewers don't know who they're talking to or ask a wrong or inappropriate question. Another great game can be built around the "who are you wearing?" question. Just please know your limits!

For a complete list of all upcoming award shows check out this list.

What's your favorite part of award show season?

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