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Yo Ho! - 'Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Yarrrr! T'was nearly two decades ago that two buckos by the names of Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket (more commonly known as Jon Baur and Mark Summers) declared t' holiday we now know as International Talk Like A Pirate Day (ITLAPD). The fuse on this holiday was lit when one of our storied seadogs let out a gut-wrenchin' bellow of "Arrrr!" amidst a game of racquetball. "Blimey! There's an idear," one of the freebooters exclaimed. From thar a letter was quilled by the two mateys intended for a syndicated humor columnist that goes by the name of Dave Barry.

Old Salty Barry's timbers must've been a'shiverin', for he took great note of the seadogs message of their newly declared holiday and let all the landlubbers know of the treasure he'd been told in his published column. Everrr since that day, September 19th hath been ruled as the International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Whether t' means you simply toss yer crew an occasional "Ahoy" throughout yer daily voyage or you raise a Jolly Roger over yer house, lace all yer sentences with a salty verbiage, adorn yer bones with the ITLAPD plunder and even switch yer Facebook language to "Pirate," today's the day t' embrace the lawless-treasure seeker within!

Avast, don't get too carried away, though ye scallywags! There'll be no walkin' the plank or sending crewmembers to Davy Jones' locker. So, raise yer black jack in a toast, batten down the hatches and fill your sails in the direction of a spirited day of talkin' like Cap'n Long John Silver his'self!


What's yer most memorable pirate phrase that you'll be runnin' up the mizzen-mast today?

Patty-cake, patty-cake...

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