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National Fortune Cookie Day...or is it?

"Avoid taking unnecessary gambles. Lucky Numbers 12, 14, 17, 20, 28, 36" This fortune, showcased on a blog post by the website Mental Floss earlier this year, is just one fortune cookie among many that I've come across that has left me a bit confused, but certainly also chuckling. Whether humorous, pithy or just plain bizarre, fortune cookies always hold that entertaining and climactic moment post-Chinese food feast where you never really know what you're about to get. While there's some debate about whether September 13th is the actual date of the informal Fortune Cookie Holiday (claims of April, June and July have also been spotted by our crack Blog Team), we felt it sufficient reason to pay tribute to the little paper-encased delights today!

The origin of the cookie is a bit murky, but it's certain that it was not China (contrary to popular assumption.) Repeated attempts to introduce the idea to China have all apparently ended up as something of a cultural failure. Some believe that the concept was born in a San Francisco Japanese Tea Garden around 1914, while others contend that a noodle company tycoon pioneered the crunchy prescient dessert in Los Angeles nearly a decade later. Regardless of the actual origin of the cookie, we have to say we are incredibly appreciative to the creator of this treat, whomever they were - and all the accompanying "oohs," "aahs," and even "Wait...whaaas?" that have followed.

Even you, the House Party community, lent us a hand in our tribute to the fortune cookie. When we asked you on Facebook for the most fun and crazy fortunes that you've pried from the little cardboard-tasting cookies, you responded! We've featured just a few of our favorites below, but if you've got some that come to mind, don't hesitate to post in the Comments below!

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