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Football season returns!

  [box type="info"] Make sure you play alongside the House Party team in our annual Pigskin Pick 'em league! There are no weekly prizes this year, we'll all be having a football-related fun regardless![/box]


It's that time of year season is officially here! For many of us, it's a time to rejoice, pull out the jerseys, cook some buffalo wings and stir up classic rivalries. That also means, for many of us (including me...sigh), we become football widows.

My Midwestern boyfriend, Brian, is a long-time, die-hard Packers fan (...from Chicago. Drama!). Here's our typical week from September - February:

Monday: Brian groans and whines about how he has to wait all week for football the second his feet hit the floor at the beginning of his day. This comes up again over dinner when I ask him how his day was. (Unless, of course, the Packers are on Monday Night Football. If so, see Sunday.)

Tuesday: See above.

Wednesday: See above.

Thursday: Brian complains about how he doesn't want to pay for additional TV packages so he can watch Thursday night football and reminds me that football time is almost here.

Friday: Brian takes a minor break from whining about football to be happy that the work week's over.

Saturday: Brian happily does anything and everything Sarah wants to do in exchange for not having to leave the house on Sunday. He reminds her of this agreement every 3-4 hours.

Sunday: Brian actually has a little bit more whining to do from 9am to noon. Oh, and if he wakes up too early? It's like the end of the world. starts, and he gets into the zone. Sometimes with friends, but more often, lying down with a drink in hand, taking all of the epic sport in. And all is well.

Then, it starts all over again. For weeks. If you think I'm exaggerating, you're sorely mistaken. He actually does love football enough to ache for it EVERY DAY of the week (except maybe sometimes Fridays). Don't get me wrong - I love football. I'm a huge fan of the camaraderie that Sunday rituals bring, the idea of everyone taking a day to sit together to eat, drink and watch their favorite teams, and that there are only a few games a week (not hundreds like baseball season...jeez!). I'm just a Canadian woman who grew up in a hockey family. Can't fault me for that, right?! I'm still struggling with learning football's rules, understanding why one, one-hour game seems to take sooooo long, and getting to know Brian's favorite team so I can cheer alongside him. I want to be supportive!

So, dear House Partiers who feel my pain, help a girl out. Every year, I've promised Brian and my other football-fanatic friends that I'll try. I'll watch at least one game a week, make the snacks, and ask questions about the rules so I can learn. What else can I do to get into the football spirit?

How are you getting ready for the season? Oh, and how does the "Brian" in your life cope with waiting all week for football? I can't be the only one who endures the daily status report on how close Sunday is...

Happy Football, everyone! Be sure to check out some of our game day recipes from last year. More to come!

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