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An Ode to Bad Poetry

August 18 is National Bad Poetry Day. We can't make this stuff up. But we can make up some bad poems to share with you, and would love you to share some of your worst in return. Looking for inspiration? Check out some very bad poetry here. Then post your own in the comments. I just don't care One day I went to the fair. I got on the Ferris Wheel up in the air. When I came down it had messed up my hair. Luckily I just don't care. -Danielle

Haiku Writing poetry Is for the birds. So, I think I would rather blog. -Sarah

Fine, I'll write a poem There once was a boy named Brian Who was asked by his girlfriend to write Poems for a blog post (it's this one!) Even though he doesn't work for this site. -Sarah's boyfriend, Brian F.

Grub Lasagna is quite tasty I do like quite, quite well. I add in lots of garlic And proceed to emit a smell.

Such is the plight of my cooking. Though I try with all my might, I always seem to get something Whose smell outweighs its sight. -Brian

Okay, this poem is pretty good...but it's about a bad day...

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