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Holy Snapes, it's Potted Potter!

I must confess: I am, some would say, of an advanced age, but I can't deny my love for that boy wizard, Harry Potter. And while I'm no Potterfile, I've read all the books twice and seen all the films. So when a friend suggested we go see "Potted Potter," I was all in. 'Holy Hogwarts' you say, what is "Potted Potter"? Well, it's a 2-man play that spoofs all seven books in 70 jam-packed minutes. Now before you say, 'well that's just great Danielle, but I don't live in NY,' the good news is this show is touring! So check out the schedule to see if it's coming to a forbidden forest near you. I didn't really know what to expect. All the promotional materials tout that they play all 320 characters in 70 minutes. So I thought it might be more of a Cliff's Notes stage performance. I can assure you, it's not that. At times silly, at times tear-inducing, I laughed like I hadn't in a very long time. It's a blend of pop culture references mixed with, of course, book references. And the characters? Well, they definitely don't cover all 320 but those that they do impersonate are done so absurdly that you'll be rolling in the aisles.

There were definitely a lot of kids there, but happily plenty of adults sans kids as well. I would recommend children over age 9 attend. The show does get loud, there's music, some minor pyrotechnics, but mostly a lot jokes that are more adult-focused. So, while the kids will enjoy the live game of "quidditch," it may be a bit much for them. Of course, the short time frame and no intermissionis perfect for short attention spans.

The show, ironically, began as a 5-minute street performance in 2005 to amuse people waiting on line to buy the books in London when they came out. And faster than floo powder, it's now a global sensation.

So, if you enjoy Harry Potter but don't take it too seriously, and you love to laugh, I highly recommend "Potted Potter."

Have you seen the show or any other famous spoofs? We'd love to hear your fan stories.

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