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Summer playlist: 15 songs to beat the heat

It's summertime. Time for road trips and escapes to the beach. I'll be doing both before summer's end, including a grueling 10-hour drive to Michigan and a relaxing honeymoon in the Caribbean. So it's also time to start fine-tuning my summer playlist for all these adventures. Today I'm sharing the tunes I've been playing so far this summer. Via Spotify you can customize your own playlists right on your phone and take them with you wherever you go. I'm definitely one of those people who, when they find a song they like, listen to it on repeat until it gets worn out. The songs in my summer music playlist are already getting a little worn out and the summer has only just begun! No summer playlist is complete without Alice Cooper's "School's out." It always gets me in a summer state of mind even though I've actually been out of school for quite awhile. This song is also perfect for road trips because most people know it well or at least know the chorus. My main rule for road trip playlists is to always have a few songs that people know, this way everyone can sing along. Another tune I like to include is Katy Perry's "Part of me." It's fun, poppy and easy to sing along to.

It might be because I watched the entire season of "Mad Men" this year or that I'm looking forward to my honeymoon, but I've really gotten into songs with Brazilian sounds from the 60s. I've started a playlist on Spotify named "Acapulco." Yes, I'm aware that Acapulco is actually Mexico, but I like the way it sounds. (Just go with me on this!) "Agua de beber" by Astrud Gilberto, the classic "Mais que nada" from the quintessential Brazilian group, Brasil '66 and Elvis' version of Blue Moon, all feel very island-y to me and get me in the perfect mood for a beach visit. J. Cole's "Can't get enough" samples "Paulette" from a 60's African group, which despite this fact still fits in with the Brazilian sound.

I still enjoy the music I used to play when I was younger as well, but I like discovering new things to please my ear and add to my library. Thanks to my fiance's influence I listen to a lot more country than I typically would have...and not just vintage stuff like Hank Williams or Loretta Lynn but from more recent artists like Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert. Lionel Richie even came out with an album this year where he took all of his hits from the 80s and 90s and gave them a country makeover with added talent. It's actually pretty good. Or maybe this is just a sign of how old I'm getting...

Below is a complete list of my 15 summer playlist songs to beat the heat:

1. "School's out" Alice Cooper

2. "Part of me" Katy Perry

3. "Agua de beber" Astrud Gilberto

4. "Mais que nada" Sergios Mendes & Brasil '66

5. "Blue moon" Elvis Presley

6. "Can't get enough featuring Trey Songz" J. Cole

7. "Dreadlock holiday" 10cc

8. "He hit me (It felt like a kiss)" The Crystals

9. "You did (bomp shooby dooby bomp) Chuck Prophet

10. "Somewhere with you" Kenny Chesney

11. "Run daddy run" Miranda Lambert, Pistol Annies

12. "Stuck on you" Lionel Richie, Darius Rucker

13. "Spectrum" Florence + The Machine

14. "Hip (Eponymous) poor boy" Jack White

15. "Man on fire" Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

What's on your summer playlist?

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