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What to watch: TV finales

First, we bid adieu to some much-loved shows, if not much-watched. House, Desperate Housewives and In Plain Sight will all be departing the airwaves for good (until re-runs). Grey's Anatomy - Many of the cast have yet to renew their contracts, so the fate of this show hangs in the balance, along with Owen and Christina's marriage.

Glee - Half the cast is graduating, so what will happen to our favorite singing high-schoolers? Will they finally win at regionals?

How I Met Your Mother - Will we finally meet the "mother?" Probably not, Barney's bride is revealed. Will she be Quinn? Robin? Tune in and find out.

Fringe - The fate of this show is also in question, so it's either a season finale or the end of the road.

American Idol - Ratings are way down for this powerhouse, but the finale is always a complete let down. Tune in to see who wrongly wins and watch #2 sell more records.

Mike and Molly - Will they tie the knot?

Modern Family - This show puts a bow on nothing, so don't expect a cliffhanger or a neat wrap-up. Just laughs. And a whole lotta awkward.

Revenge - Someone dies, of course.

Coming this summer:

America's Got Talent - Many will be tuning in to see how Howard Stern does as a new judge alongside Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel. Will you be one of them?

Anger Management - The real-life story of Charlie Sheen. Not.

Duets - Another singing competition - just what we need! But this one "takes the Superstars out from behind the judges' panel and onto the stage." I guess we'll see if that matters.

The Glee Project - Season 2 finds wanna-be New Directions vying for a spot on the show.

Dallas - I am not optimistic about the reboot of one of my favorite nighttime soaps ever, but time will tell if this show does justice to Southfork.

What finales or premieres are you most looking forward to?


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