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My Academy AwardsR red carpet ride

Did you ever wonder if Cinderella could actually wear shoes made of glass? I did! Like many young girls, Cinderella was one of my favorite fairy tales. I dreamed of being invited to the ball, wearing a beautiful gown, experiencing a magical night and, of course, leaving a shoe behind so I could be found again. My Cinderella moment came true this past Sunday, February 26, 2012, when I walked the red carpet at the 84th Annual Academy AwardsR. I was the guest of my college friend, Mark Bridges who was nominated for best Costume Design for, "The Artist." In the weeks leading up to the event, without a fairy godmother to guide me, I made preparations for my transformation. I bought a gown, scheduled hair and makeup appointments and purchased my shoes. Glass slippers were nowhere to be found so I opted for a comfortable pair of black strappy high heels.

Oscar day finally arrived and in true fashion, our chariot, a grey Audi complete with a uniformed driver, picked us up and whisked us to the Kodak Theater. As the car door opened I couldn't believe my eyes. There in front of me was a sprawling magnificent red carpet the length of a football field. Scores of reporters and photographers were lined up on our left and there were screaming crowds to our right. Standing beside Mark for every photo opportunity, I posed for the cameras. With a million flash bulbs going off, photographers yelled "look right, look left, over here please" taking what seemed like 7,000 pictures.

We continued inch by inch down the Red Carpet feeling every bit a celebrity, knowing that Brad and Angelina, George, Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock weren't far behind. I was in awe of the beauty of the theater and impressed with our seats. I couldn't believe I was only 10 rows away from George, Meryl, Brad and Steven Spielberg. Talk about a fairy tale!

About half an hour into the show, Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz came on stage to announce the nominee for Best Costume Design. A camera was stationed in front of each nominee so when the winning name was called they could go live with catching the winner's reaction. And the Oscar goes to....OMG they called Mark's name. I was so happy for him as he got up to accept his statue (and also knew I was going to be on TV in front of billions of people.) After the Awards we walked upstairs to attend the Governor's Ball. The ball I always dreamed of attending. I took a seat and who sat down across from me? None other than, Owen Wilson. I was speechless but somehow managed to say hello. As we dined on wonderful Wolfgang Puck food and drank Moet champagne, Sandra Bullock along with scores of celebrities walked past me.

With more parties to attend we asked our chariot driver to take us to the Vanity Fair party, another ball on my Cinderella hit list. Countless celebrities were in the room, Oscar host, Billy Crystal, Gerard Butler, Michael Douglas, Jane Fonda, Seth Rogan, Johan Hill and Claire Danes, to name a few. Later in the evening, Mark received notice that he was going to be on The Today Show and had to arrive at the Four Seasons hotel for a 4:30 am taping, so our chariot took me back to the hotel.

I somehow managed to sleep knowing that I had just experienced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To my amazement, when I awoke I found out that Mark and I had made it on Ryan Seacrest's and The New York Times best dressed list. The caption under each photo reads "Mark Bridges and Guest," a fitting title for the mystery House Party gal who walked the red carpet and perhaps dropped a shoe.

[author] [author_image timthumb='on']#[/author_image] [author_info]Kathy Foley is the Marketing Director at House Party. She's lived in Westchester, NY for 20 years and loves the beautiful river towns and the scenic Hudson River view from her office. In her spare time, Kathy enjoys taking long walks through the Rockefeller trails and bike riding. She's been known to make a killer party playlist. Her party tip: Music is the most important component to a successful party. Start with slower music and gradually pick up the beat. You'll have people dancing in your living room in no time. [/author_info] [/author]

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