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DJ Movie Reviews: Winning Films of 2011 - Part 2

Jared shared his picks for awards gold and now, as promised, it's Danielle's turn. Danielle's Picks:

The Artist: Yes, it's black and white. And yes, there's almost no sound, save the typical musical accompaniment you expect to find in films prior to "talkies," but this sweet and yet, stunningly dark film, is a must see for anyone who remembers the films of yore; films where stars like Chaplin, Keaton and Valentino ruled with a raised eyebrow and a wink and made women swoon with desire. Well, there's a new heartthrob in town and his name, and the nomination, will go to Jean Dujardin.

Young Adult: I confess to not wanting to see this film. Who wants to see a woman attempt to break up the marriage of her high school sweetheart after he just had a baby? But Charlize Theron makes you feel disgust, sadness and pity, and just enthralled and entranced with her raw and heartbreaking performance. She's a shoe-in for a nomination. And kudos to Patton Oswald for adding comedic levity and a much-needed reality check as Theron's only friend.'

Moneyball: It's got Brad Pitt. And did I mention, Brad Pitt? But seriously, even a non-baseball lover would enjoy this film. Pitt turns in an understated performance as Billy Beane, GM of the Oakland A's and a man who changed baseball forever. Based on the real-life events of a team with limited funds, Bean bought players no one wanted and ended up in the playoffs. It's a story only Hollywood, and Major League Baseball, could craft.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2: While it may not receive a major nomination, it should. The culmination of a decade's worth of sorcery and coming-of-age, Deathly Hallows was the best Potter of the bunch. Dark, action-packed, wistful and in keeping with the book, this movie neatly tied up the series, while always leaving us wanting more.

Bridesmaids: Don't call it a chick flick.' This gut-busting, heart-breaking and true-to-life yarn about friendship, gave us a crop of comedians who weren't afraid to be real, raunchy and rowdy. And yes, they happen to be women. The best cast of any film from 2011, and one who should certainly get some consideration come awards time. Let's hear it for the girls.

What films do you think will take home the coveted prize?

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