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Learning about President's Day

It's that time of year when we all "Hail to the Chief" and celebrate President's Day, a day set aside to honor all United States Presidents, past and present, for their service, leadership and commitment to our great country. If you're really into getting in the mood of all holidays, you might awaken the kids to a recording of the official national anthem playing in your living room. For the more subdued out there, who are looking to make President's Day more than a day off from school and work, a chance for a long ski weekend, or a time to get the best buys in retail stores, there are many websites with fun, interesting, and in some cases even freaky facts to help. With online trivia, and the historical context of some of the day-to-day rights and laws that we all take for granted, the next generation should be well on their way to knowing the true meaning of the holiday.

  • To discover more about certain events in history that relate to different Presidents, check out this website.
  • Did you know that no President has ever been an only child? Here you can find out 99 interesting facts about the U.S. Presidents.

Where do you find information about President's Day? Got any fun facts for us?

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