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Keeping hearts healthy - it's all in an app's work!

February is National Heart Health Month and in case you haven't heard, along with those (possibly fading) New Year's resolutions, it's the perfect time of the year to jump-start your health regime. What's the first place to start? Well, it's no coincidence that your heart is the best place to start first! The Mayo Clinic has a great, foolproof and medication-free set of their top 5 tips for heart health. We'll recap these along with a few fun and convenient ways to track your progress and your health with the help of good 'ol technology. Yep, that's right - we, here at House Party love our mobile apps and this is occasion is no different. So, keep your eyes peeled for some of our favorite picks that are on the market towards the end of the post!

Heart health tips straight from the Mayo Clinic

1. Don't smoke or use tobacco

2. Exercise for 30 minutes on most days of the week

3. Eat a heart-healthy diet

4. Maintain a healthy weight

5. Get regular health screenings

So, these may seem like pretty obvious tips, but let's be honest - who's really able to say that they're on top of all five of those? If you're able to say that, great! If you aren't, don't be intimidated - there's no one way to fit a 30-minute exercise session into your day or a perfect diet either, for that matter. The Mayo Clinic has outlined a number of ways to achieve this lifestyle and the first couple are to make them easy to fit into your daily schedule and easy to keep consistent. In other words, set yourself up for success - don't try too much, too soon, but continue to build on steady progress! To help achieve some of these goals, we've collected some great mobile apps that make fitting these habits into your daily life easier than ever. So without further ado:

MyFitnessPal This free iOS and Android app is one that a friend of mine just recently turned me onto and simply put - it's awesome! The app's a great weight loss and dietary tool, as it helps you track your caloric intake and exercise burns on a daily basis. Best of all, this doesn't mean that it has to be a cumbersome process, since there's a barcode reader feature on the app. Not only does it make it easy to log what you're eating, but there's a huge library of common food items, especially by brand and serving size that others have scanned-in. Piece of cake! (Er...I mean, bowl of organic fruit salad.)

Endomondo This app (also for both iOS and Android devices) is a gateway to an entire community of folks working to be consistent with their exercise. With this app you can easily track the duration, distance, GPS path, speed, heart rate and calories burned. Best of all it's not specific to running - there are a ton of exercise options that you can choose from to log your workouts. You can set goals, encourage or challenge friends, too!

Fooducate This is less an app than it is a suite of apps, really. Fooducate has a great diet tracker and nutrition scanner - one with one of the largest product databases from unique barcodes, including several private label brands. Additionally, Fooducate has two additional apps that deal directly with Allergy and Gluten Free Diet tracking and Diabetic-focused Diet tracking (these two are only currently available for iOS devices.)

These are a few of our favorites, what mobile apps do you depend on to stay consistent with your diet and exercise?

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