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Valentine's Day? There's an app for that

Tech-geeks rejoice! For this Valentine's Day you can combine your love for your sweetie with your love for technology. I'm going to tell you about some of the most creative and fun apps to show your special someone that they mean more to you than your smart phone (because they do, right?) Instant Poetry HD - $1.99 This iPhone and iPad app lets you create beautiful poetry with a cool background to match and then send it to your honey. Sort of like magnetic poetry for your phone. And because you can drag and select words, you can create art and sentiment. They'll be swooning before you know it.

Love and Romance Collection - Free Whether you want to express to your love how much they mean to you, or find the perfect romantic song to set the mood, this app can help. It includes romantic ideas, love stories, love poems, love quotes, love texts and more. Consider it your pocket-sized Cyrano de Bergerac.

Love Test Calculator - Free So this could open up a can of worms, or just be fun to try, but this Android app lets you see if you and your loved one are truly compatible (according to the algorithm). I urge you to lean towards the latter and consider this like a virtual Cosmo quiz and don't take it too seriously. But please let me know the results.

Valentine Radio - Free Want the perfect song to express how you feel about your Valentine? This Android and iOS app can help. It lets you browse the world for stations broadcasting romantic tunes. So feel free to express yourself in Dutch, Spanish, Japanese or the language of 'amour' - French.

Valentine's Day Recipes - $.99 If you're not a fan of over-priced prix fix meals - and who is - this app can let you cook up some romance at home. It offers 140 Valentine's Day meal recipes and ideas to whip up some lovin' in your own oven. Show your loved one you care enough to cook them a romantic meal. (PS: Don't forget to include some chocolate.)

Do you have any favorite romantic or Valentine's Day apps? We'd love to hear about them.

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