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Happy fall, ya'll

The House Party design department and I wanted to help you celebrate the fall season by giving you shiny new backgrounds for your computer and mobile devices. You're surely ready to update that summer vacation image that's currently holding the top spot, right? We've included special sizes for laptops, desktops, super big desktops and mobile devices, even the iPad and the new iPhone 5. If you enjoy them, then we can do a series for each season. And if you like those, then we can design desktops for each month. If you guys like those, then I do them for each week. And then each day. Each hour. Minute. Second.

(Well, let's not get carried away. How about we just start with these first?)

Let me know what you think of these and if you have any special requests for the future. I'll do my best!

Just click the image you want to download below to open it full-sized in a new browser window! Once it's full-sized, right-click it to save it to your computer so you can make it your background. Sizes are listed underneath each image.

1290x800, the perfect for size for 15" laptops

1440x900, the perfect size for larger laptops

1680x1050, the perfect size for desktops

1920x1200, the perfect size for giant monitors

This should fit all iPads

For those lucky people with the new iPhone 5

For all other mobile devices including older iPhone models.

Who moved my candy?

Hot fall beverages: drink up and keep warm