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Super Bowl Party Planning Tips & Tricks

Super Bowl Party Planning Tips & Tricks

Super Bowl Party Planning Tips & Tricks

Throwing an awesome Super Bowl party can take a lot of prep time. You can do something out of the ordinary or you can just stick to the basics. I, for one, am pretty old school and love to do everything myself. I enjoy picking colors, cooking the food, sending out invites the whole shebang! In the end, the goal really is that your guests have an amazing and memorable Super Bowl experience.

With that in mind, here are some of my party planning tips to throw epic Super Bowl parties:


The first thing I do is choose the theme and colors. This will impact much of the decor, food selections and other variables. Right away I think of incorporating footballs and football shapes into the decor. And, of course, the colors of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl are vital to this step.


Guest List

Then I put together my guest list. I love doing this the old fashioned way, too. I send out physical invitations. Yep, the actual in-the-mail kind people still do this and it really add a custom touch and personal flair. Alternatively, you can of course always just send out a mass email or use a free invite tool like Now, if you're really lucky this year and hosting a Kikkoman® Big Game House Party here on the House Party site, you've got the invite tool right there...AND a free Party Pack, too. Keep your eyes peeled for some fun posts from hosts and guests of that party this weekend!



Now I think about the food we're going to have at the party. You always want to make sure you are covering all dietary needs of all your guests (allergies, vegetarians, etc…) Some years I’ve offered a variety if appetizers and small plates which can be a good way to navigate dietary needs with some simple labels. Other times I would offer fancier menu options like lasagna shaped into mini footballs. Ahhh-mazing and dishes like that can become quite the discussion for the next year. You can always get more unique and creative ideas for dishes like this from Pinterest.


Dressed for Gametime

Most likely your guests will be dressed in their favorite team colors. Be sure to give them a hint to dress up in the invite though, too. Reminders never hurt!



Now, it’s time to decorate the outside and inside of your home! I love getting football shaped balloons and tying them up on my mailbox outside. I also get more balloons for inside the house. I typically get all my decorations my local party store typically this means great selection at a good price. I try to make it as festive as possible.


The Setup

Prepare a section in your house where all your food will be set-up. You can put together buffet tables or use a kitchen island, too. I typically set up a dessert station and a beverage station in different areas of the house so people can spread out more. Everyone loves to hang out in the kitchen! However, without a bit of strategy and planning, it could get crowded really fast.



If you are using company to cater your event, most of the food will already come on trays. However, if you're someone like me that likes to prepare everything themselves, then you will need to get serving plates, plates, cups, utensils, etc. I usually pick up these items at my local party store when I'm getting the decor supplies, too. Be sure to incorporate the same colors of the theme of the party. Another HUGE benefit of this approach is that once it’s used you can just toss everything in the garbage. Easy clean up is key!



Will there be kids at the party? If so, you want some kid-friendly food options and games, too.  I usually prepare mini pizzas, mini hot dogs, chicken fingers, veggies and fruit. Fun, healthy options that let the kiddos know you've got them in-mind and taken care of!


Supplement the Entertainment

Even though the Super Bowl game is the entertainment for the night, you should also provide a few other types of games and fun activities for the adults, too.  Maybe not everyone coming to the party likes watching football. Maybe some folks pay more attention to the commercials. Maybe some folks just like to watch bits and pieces of the Big Game. Well, you can have some board games out, cards and other games that multiple people can join to play ad-hoc.


Don’t forget to take lots of pictures. I love capturing all the fun times people are having and then either posting them on social media or creating a digital photo album to share with all my guests at the party. What a way to keep the fun and smiles going well-beyond that day.


Leftovers as Souvenirs

Every event comes to an end. I always seem to have plenty of food left over, too. Send people home with some yummy treats for them to enjoy later. Anyhow, people always love not having to prep another meal or having some impromptu snacks ready-to-go. I typically pick up those throw-away themed containers that I can fill with food. Then your guests can either keep it as a souvenir or just throw it away.


Thank You Cards

Typically, my friends and family always bring something to my home when they come for an event. I always send them a card thanking them for coming and for the dish they brought as well. Support should always be appreciated and they should know it, too!


I hope you enjoyed my party planning tips and found at least a couple that you can use at your party. If you need a little extra help thinking of theme ideas Pinterest is a wonderful place to start. Also look-up different cooking websites for food ideas there's a plethora of them. 


Have a great Super Bowl Party!     



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